Personal Training

  • By lindaroyal20
  • 07 Aug, 2015

Reach all of your health, weight loss and performance based goals in a private one on one session with a level-1 CrossFit Trainer

Personal Training is a great tool for helping you reach your goals. We can help you gain new skills, improve your strength and conditioning or achieve your body composition goals.  Whether you are trying to get your first pull up, perfect your Olympic weightlifting, lose weight, or crush Fran, we can help you get there. Call Coach Ben Gleason at 336-553-8444 for more information. 
By lindaroyal20 16 Aug, 2015
Hold the date for October 10th as CrossFit Versatile will be hosting a Barbell for Boobs Fundraiser ! More Details to follow!
By lindaroyal20 16 Aug, 2015
Congrats to Coach Sarah for finishing in top 10 at nationals as a 48kg lifter!! 9 months in excited to see where she goes!! Great job Sarah!!
By lindaroyal20 12 Aug, 2015
Outdoor artwork by CFV members
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